Our Doctrine

There is one God. God is infinite, He has an infinite number of names and attributes. He manifests His nature of Love and Grace to the fullest extent in the dual form of Radha Krishna. All souls are eternal and have a natural, eternal relationship with Radha Krishna, who are everything to the individual soul: the original mother and father, child, friend, master and beloved.

Having forgotten its true nature, the soul considers the world to be its home and, as a result of this notion, it wanders since time immemorial through different life forms in a futile search for happiness. The fulfillment that it yearns for lies only in uniting in love with Radha and Krishna. This can be attained through adopting the path of Divine Love Consciousness, delineated in the Vedic scriptures.

This path can be followed by everyone who feels the need for God in their life. It is not a way of artificially renouncing the world, nor is it a way of intellectual pursuits and speculations. The method is to lovingly meditate on the personal form of God and increase the longing for Him. Such meditation gradually purifies the heart. Upon complete heart purification, the devotee receives Grace in the form of Divine Love.

Divine Love is the highest spiritual potency. It's a feeling of extreme love and unending happiness. It is the absolute bliss which the soul has always been searching for and which alone can fully satisfy the heart.