We meet every Sunday at 11 a.m. in our temple in Brzegi (near Krakow) for Satsang.

11:00 Prayer
The meeting begins with a prayer written by our Jagadguru in Hindi. It's a prayer for receiving the Divine Love, which is the ultimate desire of every devotee.
11:05 Chanting and meditation
We're chanting verses written by our Spiritual Master in Hindi language. Those chantings aid us in meditation, helping us get closer to our Divine Beloveds.
11:20 Lecture
We watch a lecture of our Spiritual Master (in English, on DVD).
11:50 Chanting and meditation
12:00 Arti and Homage
The person leading the meeting waves a tray with a lighted candle in circular movements before the altar. During this offering of light we sing with love songs in praise of Radha-Krishna and our Master.
After Arti we sing Homage to our Master.
12:25 Prashad
We offer dried fruit and nuts to Radha Krishna and our Master; the remnants of the offering (prashad) are then distributed among the devotees.
12:30 The end of the meeting