Radha Govind Foundation

The main goals of the Foundation are:

  • organizing and financing all means necessary for the construction of 'Radha Govind Bhakti Yog Mandir',
  • representing the authentic Vedic philosophy,
  • promoting yoga practices,
  • building a library collection dedicated to Hinduism and the history of India.

If you'd like to support us, you can make a donation for "Fundacja Radha Govind" Brzegi 118, 32-002 Węgrzce Wielkie. Our account numbers for different currencies are given below:

  • PLN 66 1140 2004 0000 3202 7588 6768
  • USD 33 1140 2004 0000 3412 0406 5520
  • EUR 75 1140 2004 0000 3812 0406 5538

Bank name: mBank S.A. FORMERLY BRE BANK S.A. (RETAIL BANKING) LODZ, Bank address: al. Piłsudskiego 3, 90-368 Łódź BIC / SWIFT code: BREXPLPWMBK You can also make a donation via PayPal:

3 November

Today the logo of JKP was placed on the front wall of the temple.
The altars are still being decorated, the curtains have already been installed.


The decoration of the altar begins and the cutout Murtis have already arrived. The arm for projector screen has been installed.


The highlight of September was receiving the approval for use of the building of the temple.
The fit-out works are under way. A wall has been placed behind the altar to separate the part intended for storage room. The elements of molding have been painted and are ready to be installed. A pathway has been paved outside, connecting the side entrance and the main entrance.


Mid-August the works on the construction of the altar have commenced. The estimated date of completion is 27 August.

24 July

Wall plastering is now completed. The temple looks beautiful. Depending on the lighting, the blue elements appear to be of a darker or lighter hue. In the coming week external illumination will be installed on the building.


Plastering works are under way and for now it appears that they will be finished according to the plan.

June 2021

10 June the plastering of external walls has started. The expected date of completion is mid-July. We hope for a good weather so as to avoid any delays.