Inauguration Ceremony of Radha Govind Bhakti Yog Mandir

On October 1st and 2nd we celebrated the Opening of the Radha Govind Bhakti Yog Mandir Temple. On the first day, the celebration was opened by the Kalash Yatra procession, which passed from the Ashram, around the temple to the entrance, followed by the washing of the stairs and the temple floor.
Outside, in the garden, Pandit Laxman Das Kandel performed the Havan ritual (fire ceremony).
The consecrated Murtis were brought into the temple and set on the altar. After decorating the Statues with malas, Arti of Shri Kripalu Ji, Bhagvan Sita Ram and Radha Krishna was performed by the Founder Dr. Mark Pasula, Swami Maheshvaranand and Sushree Gopeshwari Devi, followed by the Shree Maharaj Ji videos and Swami Maheshvaranand and Gopesvari Devi chanting. The day ended with lunch in the Ashram Garden.
On Sunday, October 2, we participated in the official Opening of the Temple. The celebrations were attended by the Ambassador of India Nagma Mohamed Mallick, the mayor of the City and Commune of Wieliczka, Dr. Artur Kozioł, Hindu community, representatives of religious groups, including Brahma Kumaris University, Buddhist ZEN and the Kriya Yoga Polska Association.
Everyone in their speeches expressed warm words and satisfaction with the opening of Radha Govind Bhakti Yog Mandir.
After lunch, we watched classical Indian dance performed by Natiyalaja and Natarang.