Mid-August the works on the construction of the altar have commenced. The estimated date of completion is 27 August.

24 July

Wall plastering is now completed. The temple looks beautiful. Depending on the lighting, the blue elements appear to be of a darker or lighter hue. In the coming week external illumination will be installed on the building.


Plastering works are under way and for now it appears that they will be finished according to the plan.

June 2021

10 June the plastering of external walls has started. The expected date of completion is mid-July. We hope for a good weather so as to avoid any delays.

5 May 21

We're still waiting for the approval for use from the Building Inspection Department. In the meantime, the finishing works are under way. The part of the ceiling above the altar has been painted. The garden becomes ever greener and rich in colors.


Everything has slowed down a bit due to the pandemics but the fitting-out works are still under way. Today gravel has been laid on the area before the fence.