Helping Ukraine

We've decided to give shelter to Ukrainian refugees in our Temple. In a few days we're expecting the arrival of 3-4 families. Currently we are gathering all the basic necessities for adults and children. At the beginning of next week we will be ready to welcome our guests.

Diwali 2021

Our temple hosted a beautiful, colorful and joyous celebration of DIWALI - festival of lights. The event was attended by around 200 people. For many of them this was their first contact with the Hindu culture. The performances of Indian dance and yoga met with tumultuous applause. After the cultural programs, meals from Indian cuisine were served. At the end, firerworks were displayed.

3 November

Today the logo of JKP was placed on the front wall of the temple.
The altars are still being decorated, the curtains have already been installed.


The decoration of the altar begins and the cutout Murtis have already arrived. The arm for projector screen has been installed.

4 October

On the 4th of October we hosted a visit from members of Bhakti Marga, an international religious organization headed by Swami VishwaAnashuyaAnanda. The visit included seeing the temple and afterwards, congregational chanting in our Ashram.


The highlight of September was receiving the approval for use of the building of the temple.
The fit-out works are under way. A wall has been placed behind the altar to separate the part intended for storage room. The elements of molding have been painted and are ready to be installed. A pathway has been paved outside, connecting the side entrance and the main entrance.